Whatever we think about and thank about we bring about.

~ Dr John F. Demartini


On 25 Mar 2015, I had the unique HONOR and PRIVILEGE to attend a public talk by Dr. John F. Demartini at the Dallas Marriott City Center. The talk was entitled “Activate Your Unique Genius“. Amazing talk – I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to attend when available in your area.

I first experienced John when I was introduced to the documentary “The Secret” by my good friend GySgt Eric B. Smith back in 2009.

From the moment I heard John speak, I KNEW I had to meet him. I knew deep within my soul that we were meant to connect in some way. I set a goal then and there to meet him IN PERSON. With that goal achieved, I can say with utmost confidence that he played a key role in helping me “Activate my Unique Genius“.

During the “Activate Your Unique Genius” talk, John said one thing that resonates within me. He was mentioning that he “…is NOT a motivational speaker…”. His point was that when someone requires MOTIVATION, they require intervention by an outside force. His goal with all of his books, talks, and any public interaction is to help INSPIRE. He understands that:

To be inspired is within. To be motivated is without.

~ Excerpt from Chapter 10 of “Your Corps”: “Your Inspiration”

I consider John a good friend, and I value his mentor-ship while I continue my journey manu-scripting “Your Corps”.
It was an absolute HONOR meeting you in person John, and I wish nothing but continued success in all of your future endeavors, and look forward to your continued mentor-ship and advice.

Thank you for helping me to “Activate my Unique Genius” John!

 More about John:
Dr. John Fredrick Demartini was born on November 25, 1954. He is a former Chiropractor, and current American researcher, best selling author, international educator and public speaker in human behavior.

He founded The Demartini Institute and is widely known for developing his two trademarked methodologies in human development, which are:

The Demartini Method
The Demartini Value Determination Process

The processes are meant to be applied in the seven areas of life: Financial, Physical, Mental, Vocational, Spiritual, Family and Social. He has completed numerous interviews and appears in several other media forums and publications.

He is the author of nine internationally published titles (several which have made “The Gunny’s Reading List“) which have been translated into 28 different languages. The books include:

The Breakthrough Experience
Inspired Destiny
Riches Within
Stress to Success
How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven
The Gratitude Effect
Wisdom of the Oracle
Count Your Blessings
The Heart of Love
You Can Have an Amazing Life in Just 60 Days
The Values Factor

When John was 17 years old he was introduced to a man, Paul Bragg, who inspired him and told him that he could be a genius. He was a high school dropout and didn’t even know at that time how to read, but his certainty in his ability made him believe that I could be intelligent.

Paul Bragg woke up a dream inside of him and the affirmation that he told him to say; ‘I am a genius and I apply my wisdom’ catalyzed a desire to overcome his learning challenges. He went on to study profusely. He desired to learn all the laws of the universe and about all the geniuses; the great minds that have come before us. He set upon a seemingly never-ending quest to find out what was common to these remarkable individuals.

He went on to learn about the the intellectual genius, the genius in finance, in business, in leadership, in the spiritual and in the physical. His ultimate goal was to study all the greatest minds in every field to determine genius’s common denominator. I am confident he has.

I will end this post with a truly INSPIRING axiom by John:

There are certain principles that can be applied to activate genius and there is no reason why you can’t activate that for yourself.

~ Dr John F. Demartini