There is one key factor separating those with ARROGANCE, and those with CONFIDENCE; it is RESULTS. ARROGANCE yields MISTAKES, CONFIDENCE yields positive RESULTS, PERIOD. KNOW the DIFFERENCE. 

~ Excerpt from Chapter 6: “Your Attitude” 

Far too often, leaders confuse “arrogance” for “confidence”. Confidence can only be gained by experience, which takes time. It also requires education, which takes dedication. Embrace those two values and you will become an enlightened leader and you will truly KNOW. The difference between those who “think” they know, and those who have taken the time and dedication to truly “KNOW” is – RESULTS. Results produced by a CONFIDENT, KNOWledgeable and ENLIGHTENED leader.

It is critical you understand the difference between “arrogance” and “confidence”. Arrogance is knowing you cannot and trying anyway. Confidence is knowing you cannot, asking for help, learning whatever it takes, then trying. Anything you attempt is an EFFORT. SUCCESS is NEVER guaranteed. Arrogance yields MISTAKES; Confidence yields RESULTS. But you must never, ever “fail” to TRY. NEVER confuse “Arrogance” for “Confidence”. Arrogance walks through the fire unprotected EXPECTING not to get burned, confidence walks through the fire with fireproofing KNOWING it cannot burn.

It is all about YOUR ATTITUDE, and it must be a positive one. 24/7/365!!! You owe it to yourself and your Marines to MAKE THE TIME to truly KNOW.

Above all else, CONFIDENCE is gained by LISTENING – and is always reinforced by ACTION. Results are the product of KNOWING, fueled by intentional, deliberate and unwavering ACTION on the part of the leader and those that follow.

Men are four:
He who knows not and knows not he knows not, he is a foolshun him;
He who knows not and knows he knows not, he is a pupil – teach him;
He who knows and knows not he knows, he is asleepwake him;
He who knows and knows he knows, he is wisefollow him!


~ Lady Burton—Life of Sir Richard Burton. Given as an Arabian Proverb 

You must KNOW!!!

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