You are to God as the Mona Lisa is to Leonardo da Vinci; you are a masterpiece. You must always base your personal currency on what you are, vice what you are not. As the “what you ares” multiply, the “what you are nots” will fade away.

~ Excerpt from Chapter 24: “Your Existence” 

Too many people focus on what they DO NOT HAVE vice focusing on the things they DO HAVE. Your personal currency should always be your number one priority. That is where true abundance resides.

The adage that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, which is actually attributed to Plato as “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”, postulates a opinionated perception of physical attractiveness. Yet there is substantial consensus between observers as to who is “actually” beautiful. To what extent are evaluations of beauty agreed-upon within and across cultures? And seeing that there is agreement regarding what qualifies as beautiful, what explains this consensus? The answer is easy. It is MISINTERPRETATION of beauty based on predetermined qualities.

There IS beauty within you (not only physical attractiveness either). It is YOUR JOB – not any one else’s – to acknowledge, embrace and reflect it.

The only “opinion” that matters is YOURS.