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This book is based on a very simple concept. It is based on the concept that, not only are you a member of the WORLDS FINEST ORGANIZATIONS OF MEN AND WOMEN EVER KNOWN TO MAN, but you have the power to “SHAPE” YOUR CORPS. This power is realized by transforming your life in “THE” MARINE CORPS TO LIFE IN “YOUR” CORPS. “YOUR CORPS” will become a “WAY OF LIFE”, and you will accomplish more than you can ever even fathom. You will learn to “SEE YOURSELF WITH THE GOOD THAT YOU DESIRE.”

It will you teach you the mastery of transforming your “wants” into “intentions”. Do not merely “want” to get promoted, “intend” to get promoted. Do not “want” to shoot expert on the rifle range, “intend” to shoot expert on the rifle range – and the list goes on. When you transform your “wants” into “intentions”, you will become UNSTOPPABLE. For more information, check out the "Preface" page.

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