Your most important performance is when you are a one-man show with an audience of zero.

~ Excerpt from Chapter 27 of  Your Corps: “Your Potential” 

It is important to remember how critical your choices are in relation to your possibilities and the maximization of them. Talent is not necessarily important in these areas but is still a contributing factor. In John Maxwell’s book “The Power of Your Potential: How to Break Through Your Limits”, he will help to identify the choices you can make to increase your potential, and he can teach you how to do it. I highly recommend this book, as I do for all of John Maxwell’s books. Development of your potential coupled with the maximization of your choices will help to develop your personal momentum. This momentum is a critical step in conceptualizing your true potential and embodying a life with no limits.

There are, however, limitations to your potential that you have little to no control over. I know from experience that you can manifest a life with no limits, that your personal momentum will propel you further than you could believe and you can do more than you could possibly fathom. Acknowledge the fact that there are limitations; we all possess them. Some limitations simply cannot be removed. You had no control over where or when you were born, and you cannot go back in time and change these things. You don’t get to choose your parents, birth order, siblings, or the method in which you were raised. Good or bad, learn to make the best of the circumstances surrounding your birth and learn to live with them.

You cannot change your genetics, race, your skeletal features, or your height. There are many circumstances that surround our lives that we cannot control. We become victim to illnesses and suffer horrific accidents. People we love pass away. We might begin to pursue a dream only to discover that we simply do not possess the required talent nor abilities to fulfill it. We all have examples of these types of limitations. In order to direct your attention toward the things you can change to increase your capacity, you must become aware of the things you can’t change that are limiting you. This is all part of the process of fulfilling your purpose.

Do not make the mistake of settling into a comfortable lifestyle. Many whom aren’t as successful, productive, and fulfilled as they would like to be made the mistake of thinking all of their affairs are perfectly in order, they’ve reached their available potential, and there are no new challenges to take on in life.

Continuous effortnot strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking our potential.

~ Winston Churchill 

Know this: you’re not even close to your potential. You haven’t come close to arriving at your limits. You must be willing to believe you have more potential and commit to working at making the most of it. The gains you will make will have you in awe.

Continued in Chapter 27 of  Your Corps: “Your Potential”…