There need not be any greater reward for the leader, than to observe the manifestation of the leaders’ vision through those he or she leads.

~ Excerpt from Chapter 11 of Your Corps: “Your Leadership” 

Leadership means far more than merely occupying a leadership position. It necessitates much more than objectively measurable skills. At their very core, natural leaders evoke follower-ship. Leaders are born from leaders, they are never simply “made”.

A leader leads by example not by force.

~ Sun Tzu in “The Art of War”, Chapter IX · “Movement and Development of Troops” 

Your ability [ read “opportunity” ] to lead is PROVIDED to you by those who CHOOSE to follow you. Your reach is a direct reflection of your position. Position yourself wisely around those who require leadership, not only the subordinates in your charge. Who you are, and how many leaders you DEVELOP, determines your leadership. Leadership has less to do with how many followers you have, and everything to do with how many leaders you DEVELOP. Be the kind of leader that YOU would follow.