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This book is based on a very simple concept. It is based on the concept that, not only are you a member of the WORLDS FINEST ORGANIZATIONS OF MEN AND WOMEN EVER KNOWN TO MAN, but you have the power to “SHAPE” YOUR CORPS. This power is realized by transforming your life in “THE” MARINE CORPS TO LIFE IN “YOUR” CORPS. “YOUR CORPS” will become a “WAY OF LIFE”, and you will accomplish more than you can ever even fathom. You will learn to “SEE YOURSELF WITH THE GOOD THAT YOU DESIRE.”

It will you teach you the mastery of transforming your “wants” into “intentions”. Do not merely “want” to get promoted, “intend” to get promoted. Do not “want” to shoot expert on the rifle range, “intend” to shoot expert on the rifle range – and the list goes on. When you transform your “wants” into “intentions”, you will become UNSTOPPABLE.

Whether you intend to do 4 years or 40 years, serve “YOUR” CORPS with HONOR and PRIDE. Many great Marines before us have set down a LEGACY that most organizations could only dream of attaining. Never forget that. What you do from this day forward contributes to the LEGACY of our future Marine Corps. The day you grasped that Eagle, Globe and Anchor in your palm, you earned the title “UNITED STATES MARINE” and made a promise. Whenever you doubt YOUR CORPS, or have a feeling of lost pride – close your eyes for a moment and remember that promise. Then, open your eyes and release that same feeling of pride to YOUR CORPS.

Life is tough, and it does not come with an instruction manual! But luckily, OUR MARINE CORPS DOES! Lots of them! We have orders and directives that will guide you throughout your time in the Marine Corps. However, those same rules and regulations are meant to be followed, to the “T”. Read the regulations; that is why they are there. Know the regulations; that is why they were written. Follow the regulations; because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO. DO THE RIGHT THING, FOR THE RIGHT REASONS, ALL THE TIME.

Here is the secret though. There is no order, regulation or directive that promulgates how successful or unsuccessful you can or will be in “YOUR” CORPS! Your goals will be those which you set for yourself; your accomplishments will be what you intend them to be. “YOUR” CORPS will be what you create it as, and neither Sergeants nor Generals can stand in judgment of you; not now, not ever. I see greatness in all Marines. Capture, EMBRACE AND RELEASE THAT GREATNESS TO YOUR CORPS.